Steff  MAGGI Radial Arm Saw Parts
 I have a few parts for Steff Maggi radial arm saws. These are all new, unused, and have been sitting in someone's warehouse for who knows how long, thus you'll see a bit of surface flash rust here and there on the exposed steel parts.  
 Send an email if you need anything here, we'll figure the shipping charges and let you know a total.    

 Fork, or Yoke, assembly. This is a complete yoke, or "fork" assembly for maggi radial arm saws. It fits the Junior 640, Big 800, and Best 960 saws. Everything is here except the two index pointers, the handle/switch assembly, the carraige lock and the motor.

A good deal at only $300.00                                                






 Another, just the aluminum yoke, locking lever, index plate, etc.

Only $150.00




Lever, part #35400004, locks the arm into the 90 degree position. I have four of these available.



 Spring loaded plunger that threads into the front of the yoke and locks the motor into position. I have 2 of these.



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