Some of the street corners where Auldooly hangs out
 Chestnut Square Farmers Market

 Good Food, Good People, Good Atmosphere

 North Texas e-News

 Keep up with what's happening in North Texas
 Collings Foundation

You can fly in a B-24 and a B-17. It's an experience you'll never regret. Send it all back, it was junk anyway.  
 Science Daily

Self Explanatory
   Martindales Reference Desk

 You should have already memorized all this
 Home Shop Machinist Forum

 A great place for the hobby machinist; I've learned a lot here!
 Astronomy Picture of the Day

Self Explanatory
 Dark Roasted Blend

 Something new everyday

 This was us, back then

 Buy & Sell...FREE!!
 Lathes UK

 Seriously, don't you stay awake wondering about this stuff? I do.
 Catawba Science Center

 World Famous, and rightfully so
 Farmersville, Texas

 A good place to be